Build that network

Heard of Paul Revere? Of course you have. What about William Dawes? Yeah, nobody has. Because he had no network.

Networks matter. You already know this. A network is your “tribe” of people that cares about you (outside of friends & family, that is), and will help you when you need it. And vice versa.

It’s critical that you build one BEFORE you need help. And that you “pay it forward”, invest in this network as often as you can.

There’s no better time than college to start. Alumni, faculty, staff, and other students share an important experience with you. That generates affinity. Now all you need is a “spark” to create familiarity, trust, and eventually a professional relationship.

Here at Protopia we make this super easy by matchingyou with individuals that know a thing or two about what you are looking for help on, increasing your batting average.

So ask. Right now. Build that network. And if you still don’t know what to ask, start here.