Release Notes – November 2019

Accelerated Alumni Recruiting.

Today, we automatically recruit another alum if we don’t get a response in time (after 2nd reminder) or an alum declines. We have enhanced this functionality to give you more flexibility with how soon we should ask more alumni to help. You can choose to “accelerate” with the 1st reminder, 2nd reminder, or keep the default “after the 2nd reminder”. 

  • Example: We recruit 5 alumni to help with a request. After 72 hours (the timing of our 1st reminder), 3 alumni did not respond and will thus receive the reminder. The system now recruits two new alumni for a total of five in-progress requests (until we have enough responses).

Ask Again Emails.

One of the best sources of questions are students (or alumni) that have previously asked for help. We have added “Ask Again” emails that invite the individual to submit another request. 

Response Engagement Tips.

Everyone needs a bit of help engaging after an alum responds. So we’ve added some handy tips to each response to guide the student (or alum) on “next steps” to building a network. 

Response Actions.

We have added two buttons (“Say Thank You” and “Continue the conversation”) at the bottom of the response email to encourage the student to follow up. When the button is clicked, an email will automatically be generated in the user’s email client with pre-formulated text that the student can personalize.

We have also added a new link below the Response Buttons (“Not sure which to choose?”) to share tips & tricks for engaging an alum who responded. You can use our default tips or specify your own.

Example of New Response Buttons


Getting a question “right” is pretty critical to building rapport with an alum. To help students (and alumni) avoid spelling mistakes, we have added a new feature that continuously checks what is being written to call out errors and make suggestions on how to improve the text. The new autocorrect feature is included everywhere we ask users to type content (request, response, feedback, etc.). 

Example of new Autocorrect functionality

Updated Member Export.

Our member export now includes the number of questions asked and responses given. We’ve also changed the order of columns in the export to make it easier to analyze.

Member Activity in Profile.

A member’s profile in our dashboard now shows all activity by this member. For example, you can now view when a member opens or clicks on an email, asks for help, or responds to a question right on the profile (previously this was only visible in the Stream). We’ve of course also include the engagement points assigned for each task.

Property ID in Exports.

All exports now contain the unique Property ID (that you pass to Protopia) so that it is simple to associate the exported information to your data. 

Dashboard Request Updates.

We’ve updated how alumni that have responded (positively or negatively) are displayed on the request in our dashboard. We have also added the tags we apply to each request. 

Group Affinities.

Many students and alumni belong to multiple affinity groups on and off campus. We’ve added a field to capture these affinities that we can match requests against. For example, if a student identifies herself in the request as a member of a specific affinity group, we will match the question to alumni that are also members of that group. 

Community Reminders.

You can now set which reminders you want to send by community. For example, if for community A you want to send all reminders (request reminder, feedback reminder) but for community B you don’t want to send feedback reminders, this is now easy to configure. 

Advanced Alerts.

We have added new alerts to monitor performance and engagement between members. For example, an alert is triggered if a member leaves bad feedback (a score of 4 or less). 

Example of new No Response alert