Engagement done right. Finally.

Without another app to use or login to remember, Protopia reaches 10x more alumni than traditional portals and directories.


Treat your alumni like they want to be treated

Rule #1

No new app or another login

We integrate with your existing solutions and let students and alumni engage through the tools they already use: Email, Slack, SMS.

So that they can focus on building relationships - not learning another new system.

How does that work?
Rule #2

Make it easy to help

Helping feels great when you know you can make it impact. So we get to know your alumni and only email a highly targeted number of them to assist when we're confident that they can make a difference.

65% of alumni open our emails and 35% help with advice, a call, or a meeting.
Now you're talking

Rule #3

Don't make them feel bad

Your alumni are busy with family, careers, hobbies, vacations. With Protopia your alumni can guilt-free pass on a question and rest assured that we'll ask the next alum in the queue - until we have one or more responses.

So that even a "no" feels good.

We definitely need that

Your students and alumni need your help to connect to each other.
They don't need another app to log in to.

See how Protopia solves this

Powering awesome tribes

The institutions we've partnered with have one thing in common: they need to make it easier to engage.

Easier for their students and innovators. Easier for their alumni and mentors. Easier for their staff.

Give us easy

North Carolina State University

Students, mentors, staff, and supporters.

Duke University

Students, alumni, staff and supporters.

East Carolina University

Students, local businesses, ecosystem partners, and mentors.

NC State Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Students, alumni, and supporters of the program.


We love simple. So does your community.

Rather than "another system" to sign up for, to log into, Protopia works how and where your students and alumni already do.

Because it needs to be easy.

Okay, let's see it